The Bero is a Smart Lamp with App and Sensor.


















    Bero is a Luminary Friend.

    Bero is a big-sized character and smart lamp that can express a variety of colors with its application and sensor. Bero itself has no button to turn the light on or off. You can knock its body twice to turn the light on and off. It’s an original function that you cannot see in existing lamp products. Bero smart lamp uses RGB LED and links with the application through Bluetooth4.0 connection to realize hundreds of thousands of colors. So you can have Bero with a variety of diverse colors.

  • Indiegogo Campaign of Bero Smart Lamp will begin in May 2017.


    Bero likes people and, especially, loves to help them.

    A stump of a big tree covered by white molds that seems to last for more than 1000 years is an entrance to the world of JINNIA and the world of huge spirits lies beneath the stump. Spirits of fire, water, earth, wind and light are living in the world and protect the forest and animals

    Bero is a spirit of light that flies between trees in the forest and shares its light energy with grass and trees under shades to help them growing.

    In addition to Bero is very curious and goes outside the forest at night. It watches over sleepless children at the windows and then goes back to the forest when the sun is about to come up.


    Bero is a character optimized for the lamp structure.

    Its body that emits light has a proper structure to shine every corner and it is also easy for users to turn the light on and off by knocking it twice.

    LED Module Structure in Bero / RGB LED / BLE 4.0 / Sensor


    • Dimensions : 208mm(W) x 280mm(D) x300mm(H)
    • Weight : 1kg
    • RGB LED light
    • LED :12W , 40,000 hours
    • Power : AC Adapter
    • Input :100-240V, 50/60Hz 0.3A
    • Output : 12v


    Two different ways are available for you to turn Bero Lamp on and off.

    You can knock its body twice or use the application to turn the light on and off.

  • Knock Knock

    You don't have to look for the switch to turn Bero on or off without your smartphone. You only need to knock its body twice.

  • Application

    • Power On/Off 
    • Timer
    • Shaking Mode
    • Brightness
    • Sleep/Wake-Up
    • 16 million colors​

    You can change and adjust different colors with the application.

    Simple Operation with the Application / You can control all the functions with the application.

  • Power On/Off

    You can turn Bero on and off with the application.

    160,000 Colors​

    You can select your favorite colors among 160,000 choices.


    You can adjust the brightness of Bero’s light.

    Shaking​ Mode

    You can shake your smartphone left to right to change colors.


    You can set hours during which Bero operates or specific times when Bero starts to operate.

    Bero Mode

    Bero Mode is a function that shows 5 different lights of nature inside Bero. Click each button for different colors and the color automatically changes inside Bero accordingly. And touch Heartbeat button to feel Bero’s heartbeat in the light.

  • Sleep/Wake-Up

    You don’t have to listen to noisy alarm sounds any more when you wake up every morning. Bero will make your morning comfortable with different brightness levels through the application.

    You can use the timer on the application when you get sleep. The light will gradually get darker to create sleeping mood and then it will turn off.

  • Mini Bero

    Mini Bero will be based on LED modules for longer battery life.

    And Mini Bero has a special function with which the lamp will automatically turn on 1 hour after you fall asleep while he is on.
    As Mini Bero works with a battery, you can have it for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or climbing.

    Mini Bero is a lamp intended to express the beauty of simplicity with white color while Big Bero is for realizing the pleasure of variety with multiple colors.

    • Weight : 300g 
    • Dimensions : 90mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 135mm(H) 
    • Power : AAA batteries
    • Automatically turns off after 1 hour
    • Structure proper for portable use